Tailored and Targeted Distribution Support

Finding new routes to market, expanding your services, and growing your client base are key concerns for any Discretionary Firm looking to drive business growth.

At Signature, we understand that for Discretionary Firms, the distribution of funds and portfolios presents both unique opportunities and obstacles to overcome. As such, our distribution consultancy services are designed to ensure your proposition achieves the widest reach and visibility within your selected market.

We offer Discretionary Fund Managers consultant support and advice on designing and implementing an efficient and effective distribution strategy. Whether to internal or external markets, the wider UK IFA community, or targeted marketing strategies within our membership, our services deliver tailored and targeted distribution support.

Through our Managed Distribution Service (MDS), we offer firms access to analytical data that provides unique insights to a defined target market, ensuring a firm’s fund and message is delivered to the right audience at the right time. In addition, our services include regulatory, compliance and distribution support for those Discretionary Managers looking to unitise their MPS offerings.

Through Fintel, we offer clients direct access to Defaqto’s risk ratings and fund reviews. Defaqto is a leading financial information, ratings and fintech business that provides unbiased fund and product information for financial advisers to make better-informed decisions. Operating for over 25 years, Defaqto works independently, employing over 60 analysts that dedicate 400 hours a day monitoring the market. Defaqto’s team of experts collect and continuously assess over 43,000 financial products in the UK, of which nearly 10,000 are funds and fund families. Through the Signature service proposition, we offer clients direct access to Defaqto’s suite of risk ratings, ESG reviews, and fund reviews, furthering bolstering a funds credibility and accessibility in the market.

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