Driving sustainable growth

Whether you are looking to grow your business organically or perhaps through acquiring or merging with another business, Signature can help.

We understand that finding another business to acquire can often be seen the best option to achieve your growth objectives; however, finding the right business can seem daunting. For this reason, Signature provides a bespoke consultancy service built around your business to find the most suitable candidates for your firm. Our expert, knowledgeable team will work closely with you to fully explore your aims and aspirations for the future before putting together a comprehensive step-by-step plan outlining how to achieve those aims with Signature.

Whilst most businesses understand that acquisitions are time-consuming and operationally needy, the sheer scale of impact on a business's regulatory, risk, and operational functions can be surprising. We work with firms to help them understand the scale of impact and offer solutions based on their growth aspirations. Our acquisition support includes everything from initial target screening to due diligence and integration support and includes support integrating technology and back-office solutions to drive enhanced efficiencies throughout the acquisition process.

In addition, our distribution experts can help define your narrative and raise your profile within your defined market. Through our Managed Distribution Service (MDS), we offer firms access to analytical data that provides unique insights to a defined target market, ensuring a firm’s fund and message is delivered to the right audience at the right time. In turn, our big data analytics offers Discretionary Firms unique insights to drive internal data and compliance functions.

For firms taking the next step toward unitisation of their portfolios, we have experts, in both compliance and distribution to ensure your new funds get the compliance and regulatory oversight that is imperative, but also the distribution capability they deserve.

Our acquisition support services deliver a comprehensive and scalable business plan that provides cost efficiencies through outsourced services where required.

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