Webinar: Best Practice for Investment Committees

23 July 2020

At Signature, we understand that running an Investment Committee (IC) can be difficult at any time, let alone in the current economic climate. Whilst ICs are usually associated with larger advice firms, and those conducting Discretionary Fund Management, the reality is that the same rules and principles apply to smaller firms, especially if they are operating pre-defined investment propositions or a fund panel.

Investment Committees often form a key part of a firm’s investment management and advice process. They bring together a team of experts to ensure detailed research, consistency of approach and auditable application throughout a firms Centralised Investment Proposition. Furthermore, regulation requires that firms need to be able to show how they are proactively monitoring and managing risks, and whether this process is ultimately leading to suitable client outcomes. As such, ICs are an important control mechanism for any firm operating a centralised investment proposition and ensuring their house view is promoted.

This webinar is designed for any firm that is running or planning to run their own investment committee and will give you pause for thought in this current climate. It provides an economic update from industry leading professionals as well as practical tools in order to identify your firms’ IC’s structure and fundamental responsibilities. This webinar provides a view on the operational conditions in order for the IC to meet its responsibilities and finally, it highlights the support the Signature solution can offer to your firm throughout this process.

By the end of this webinar you will be able to implement an exemplary investment committee and apply the impact of market forces on retail client portfolios.

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