19 January 2021

Market Review & 2021 Outlook

As obvious a line as it might be, it is difficult to resist the attraction of ‘vaccine news provides a shot in the arm for markets’ as a succinct review of Q4, offering much-needed hope of a better 2021.

01 December 2020

FTSE envy: patient investing in action

Anyone who has attended one of our presentations over the last few years will have heard us discuss the concept of winning by not losing, which we often illustrate, care of Aesop, with the fable of the tortoise and the hare.

02 November 2020

Why the past five years is not a guide to the future

New research from Morningstar on the UK fund of funds (Fofs) market shows strategies investing in passive vehicles have produced the best performance over the last five years.

22 October 2020

Suitability under scrutiny – how do your processes measure up?

When the FCA issued its 'Dear CEO' letter in January, it was clear that suitability of advice, particularly within the retirement sector, was number one on its agenda, and has firmly remained in its spotlight.

19 October 2020

Understanding the challenges with ESG investing

In this FT Adviser special feature, our Group Director of Compliance Services, Mark Greenwood outlines the challenges facing DFMs in the ESG market.

21 September 2020

Addressing the inflation question (through the language of burgers)

On the surface, the link between burgers and inflation might not seem obvious but The Economist’s Big Mac Index, first published in 1986, has become a global standard and the focus of many pricing studies.

16 September 2020

How the EU capital adequacy applies to firms with DFM permissions

In this FT Adviser special feature, we explore capital adequacy requirements and the realities of being a DFM in a post-Brexit world.

15 September 2020

Revisiting value and small caps

I saw a cartoon recently with a genie outlining three rules to his new master: no wishing for anyone’s death, no making people fall in love and no bringing back the dead.

08 September 2020

DFM Technology

In the latest FT Adviser special feature, we consider the fintech requirements for DFM firms.

13 August 2020

FCA governance expectations for discretionary managers

In the latest FT Adviser special feature, we outline how DFMs can meet the FCA's governance requirements.

03 August 2020

Webinar: PII & Cyber Security

Obtaining adequate PI insurance is integral when ensuring your firm is placed in the strongest possible position to achieve long-term success. Limited capacity, coupled with the increased risks presented in a global pandemic, has resulted in additional hurdles firms must face when looking to obtain PI cover.

23 July 2020

Webinar: Best Practice for Investment Committees

At Signature, we understand that running an Investment Committee (IC) can be difficult at any time, let alone in the current economic climate. Whilst ICs are usually associated with larger advice firms, and those conducting Discretionary Fund Management, the reality is that the same rules and principles apply to smaller firms, especially if they are operating pre-defined investment propositions or a fund panel.

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